early autumn thrift favorites

October 21, 2019
I don’t know if it’s the recent cold front we’ve had or the fact that we’re now solidly in the -ember months, but I’m in a bigger autumn mood than ever before and my thrifting tendencies are no different. I can't help myself this time of year!

I got a head start on autumn this year, as it typically shows up late for us in the south. I  start getting into the colder seasons early so it feels like they’re around longer than they actually are.  So even though we’ve still been in the 90s until recently, I’ve been stocking up on what I hope to wear in the near future.

Denim Jackets
Probably the most basic items on this list, but one of the ones that I’m most excited for. I don’t have a classic denim jacket, so I was over the moon when I found this one. Most of the denim jackets I come across have a trendy cut that is out of date or just unappealing to me, or some over-the-top distressing or embellishment that ruins it for me. This is a classic blue denim jacket, nothing else. This is already one of the most frequented items in my wardrobe. We’re at that temperature where a denim jacket is enough to keep you comfortable all day and I throw it on with my work clothes, gym clothes, or as part of an entire outfit. I can’t get enough of this thing. And let's not forget the denim jacket I found at a Goodwill in DC last year. I'm a sucker for versatile pockets and this jacket has exactly that!

I never thought I’d be a vest person. I remember googling “what’s the point of a vest” when I moved here and saw everyone sporting them the moment temperatures dropped. So when I pulled three vests off the rack at one of the Savers we visited, I almost put them all back. I decided to take this one because it was the “safest” while I decided whether I liked them or not and let. me. tell. you. I absolutely loved it! Our second day in Cleveland was a cold one and I paired this with a black mock neck and haven’t looked back. I felt so comfortable and cute all day, not to mention it did its job and kept my core warm, all while giving me a full range of motion. Now that I know that I most definitely am a vest person, I’m kicking myself for not getting the other two vests that’d caught my eye!

Sweaters & Cardigans
Need I say more? I'm incapable of passing up a good sweater no matter how many times someone reminds me of how many I already own. I don’t feel like I have to go into much detail here: you can wear them with anything, they keep you warm, they’re cozy, and are a whole look on their own! These are my newest additions.

Universal Threads grandpa cardigan similar here

vintage Fossil bag | vintage Ariat mules

I couldn't leave this grandpa sweater behind, you wouldn't believe how soft it is!

Etienne Aigner Shoes
While I’m not opposed to buying shoes at thrift stores at all, it’s not every day that I come across a pair that makes it home with me. I love this style of shoe, and I’m excited to finally have some of my own. The first time wore these out I was surprised not only at how long I was able to wear them, but at how well I felt I could walk in them. The majority of my shoes are various types of flats, so a heel of any kind requires a little more effort on my part.  I wish I’d found these sooner because they’re already elevating the outfits that I usually pair with some basic flats or Birkenstocks. 

Etienne Aigner shoes, similar here

Sleeveless Turtlenecks
They key to looking cozy but staying comfortable in autumn when you’re in a climate that doesn’t get cold until later in the year is going sleeveless. I own two sleeveless turtlenecks and a few mock necks and it’s so easy to layer a cardigan or jacket over it without overheating throughout the day. One of my least favorite things is realizing that my cute outfit is maybe a little too warm. I have sleeveless turtlenecks in black and camel and they’re some of my most utilized autumn basics. I love how easy they are to build an outfit around and how automatically chic it looks.

Natural Stride Boots
Like I said before, it’s uncommon for me to find shoes at the thrift store that make it home with me. I spotted these boots in dare-I-say almost new (if not then actually new) condition. I remember going to the Naturalizer store with my mom when I was a kid. She has always adored their shoes and would always talk about how comfortable they are. And they are! From the moment I tried these on I knew that I could spend all day in them without taking another pair of shoes as a backup. I have a few pairs of boots, but none in this style or whose comfort even come close. I love that Naturalizer makes comfort a priority without ever sacrificing on style. I can see myself wearing these a lot in the coming months.

Naturalizer boots, similar here
What pieces are you guys loving for autumn? Let me know!