October 10, 2019
I may or may not have been shopping for Halloween/Autumn stuff since July. Even though I’m in the south, I hold out hope every year that the beginning of the autumn season brings with it golden leaves & crisp days. So while the temperature is staying put in the 90s, I’ve still let myself get swept up in the season’s excitement. 

I haven’t been thrifting in quite a while, but last Sunday just felt like the right time. We’re leaving for Cleveland later this week, so a thrift trip was in order for some new-to-me pieces anyway.

I was graciously welcomed by the thrifting gods as I immediately spotted craftsmanship hiding from somewhere in the back row. As I worked my way down the color-coded handbag section I found that I’d collected four vintage Polo Ralph Lauren handbags. The vintage Ivy League style is one that has never lost its appeal to me. I apparently can’t stop at my collection of vintage Dooney & Bourke all-weather-leather bags, because I walked out with three of the four bags I found. 

One of the best tips I can give to anyone wanting to up their thrifting game, or maybe just weed out the things they're not looking for faster is to learn the colors, styles, and textures you prefer. I’m pretty familiar with the look and feel of vintage leather bags, especially from the brands that I’m most familiar with. A glance at how the leather is stitched or the buckles fit is a huge indicator to me. Even the way certain bags are embossed or treated will stick out. The same goes for textures and fabrics on sweaters or jeans or coats. The more you familiarize yourself with the elements of the pieces you love, the less effort spotting them in the wilderness of a thrift store will be.  

I got home with three beautiful new bags and got straight to work cleaning them up. I mixed up a tiny portion of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and got to work on the dust that was caught under the stitching, buckles, and other fixtures. Once I’d finished cleaning and detailing my new babies, they were even more breathtaking to me.

We’re heading up to Ohio soon and I can’t wait to tote these around on our mini trip. I might even try something crazy and not bring a backup D&B bag. Stay tuned for our photo diary on our upcoming adventure! Although it’s a short one, I know we’re gonna be able to squeeze so much into it!