May 7, 2022

moments: rainy days with huji

HUJI, the smartphone app designed to give your photos the disposable camera look and feel, took over social media several years ago. While I open the app from time to time— mostly out of boredom— it’s been a long time since I really play with it.

We’ve had a string of cold, gloomy, and rainy days up here in the northeast and I found myself frequently gravitating towards the app. So, instead of letting those photos sit in my phone’s camera roll, I think another entry into the moments series is due! This time, they’re all photos taken from within the HUJI app on my phone. I particularly love how well the photos are able to emulate the cold and rain of the last few days.

Bonus: my boyfriend is currently on a work trip in CO and I took the liberty of processing some of the photos he's sent me. Enjoy!