handbags of the moment

September 8, 2018
I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with my handbag obsession. I either switch bags frequently, or use the same one for a month straight (that’s a long time for me!). It’s hard for me to find the perfect bag that’s both stylish, functional, and sturdy enough to keep up with me. Lately, I seem to have struck a perfect chord and have been frequenting the same few bags that check all of my boxes.

I’m sure you guys have seen my black Michael Kors backpack on quite a few occasions since finding it when I was in Denver last year. I never thought I’d find any other backpack I’d love as much as that one... Then I found this gem at a local thrift store (is anyone surprised?). It’s a simple black backpack but is SO roomy, is extremely organized, and it’s a great size. It looks small, but holds so much more than you think. I’ve used this bag to tote around everything my regular purse contains, plus my DSLR, a hardcover book, and a reusable bag and I still have room to spare. These are perfect for exploring a new city, shopping, or any time you want your hands free.

I saw the woven/ straw bag trend coming from a mile away. I found so many that piqued my interest, but never the *perfect* one. Enter: this vintage Fossil bag. I haven’t seen a Fossil bag that wasn’t leather or waxed canvas in a long time, so this one made for a really happy surprise. It’s structured, but has really boho-vacation-y vibes. I’m absolutely smitten with its rounded handles. I’m working on finding it a suitable strap so it’s not limited to being a handbag. The south still has a little bit more summer left, so I’m hoping to use this a lot more in the coming weeks.

I did an actual happy dance when I found this bag. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have to know that vintage styles from so many major labels are having a big comeback right now. I’ve mentioned before that stores like Urban Outfitters and Pacsun are cycling back to many of the styles that are very much still available at thrift stores— where you’re likely to find items that are not only authentically vintage and less expensive, but much better quality. This bag perfectly embodies everything I’ve been looking for in an everyday bag: it looks amazing, has ample room and organization, and is versatile enough to seamlessly transition from outfit to outfit. If I’d found this bag in every color, I would have bought them all.

It’s a familiar dilemma: we’re on a trip, and I’m trying to capture and experience as much as I can. I have my purse and camera with me, but don’t want to carry separate bags for each. When I found the vintage Fossil bag above, I also found this black leather shoulder bag. It’s a small messenger-style bag that can act as both a camera bag (without screaming 'I AM A CAMERA BAG!’) and my purse. It’s made of super soft black leather with gold hardware that’ll go with any outfit. What got this bag on the list, though, is that it’s versatile enough to get used even when we’re not on an out-of-town trip. I’ll carry my camera, a notebook for writing, and whatever book I’m reading and I’m set for the day ahead.

These all-weather leather Dooney & Bourke bags are kind of my "safety net" bags. I’ve coveted them for so long for their timeless style and structure, their craftsmanship, and the weatherproofing that goes into them. No matter what trip I’m on, whether a full length vacation or short weekend trip, I bring one of these bags along just in case. They’ve saved me so many times when the weather has taken a turn for the stormy, even being able to squeeze in my DSLR (though it’s a pretty tight squeeze). I never have to worry about keeping my things dry or my bag being damaged. I can’t sing enough praises for these bags. 


With fall [technically] approaching, I’m happy to see that most of these bags will make the transition into cooler weather and pumpkin spice season. What are you guys most looking forward to in the Autumn? Me? I’m looking forward to all the books I’ll be reading while I get dragged into the football festivities I’m not invested in. (Though my tuition money says otherwise.)