a new day shoes

December 15, 2019
I’ve been a fan of Target’s newest in-house brands since they’ve come out and I hope they stay put because I’m officially addicted. When everyone started wearing the Gucci Princetown leather slippers, I was instantly enamored. My bank account, though? Not so much. It wasn’t until a routine trip to Target that I found some dupes from Target’s A New Day brand, that my prayers were answered. I didn’t only score shoes in the classic style that I instantly loved, but the Kona faux-leather mules are some of the most comfortable that I own. They're also probably the most instagrammed shoe on my page, too. 

Let’s talk feet for a minute. Glamorous right? I have wide feet thanks to the hallux valgus (bunions lol) I was born with and it’s actually pretty hard to find shoes that fit properly and won’t leave me in tears an hour later. I remember being so excited to get my first pair of riding boots years back. I had put together an outfit I was so happy with, only to limp back from class with tears streaming down my face because of how painful they’d become. If I had a fairy godmother, I’d ask for normal feet that can comfortably fit into any shoe haha. Alas, that’s not the case, and I’m not actually bothered by them enough to go through with surgery and the lengthy and painful recovery time (or so I’ve been told). This keeps me from being able to wear most of the shoes I admire. A New Day is such a special brand to me for this reason alone. Their Kona faux leather mules blew me away from the moment I tried them on in-store. They fit me instantly, no need to break them in or size up.

I’ve been wearing my Kona mules for about a year now and they’re holding up great. Still, the fear lingers that once they’ve seen better days, I won’t have anything to fall back on. So when we found ourselves back at Target, I decided to check out the current offerings from A New Day. I expected to pick up a pair while there,  but I didn’t expect to walk out with three. I was definitely hesitant purchasing three pairs of shoes at once, but I really had to remind myself that finding shoes that I genuinely like and fit me isn’t only hard to come by, they’re typically much more expensive. The Cole Haan flats that I own in black and nude are $200 each. That was such an exorbitant amount for me to pay, especially six years ago when I purchased them. However, at the time they were the only shoes outside of flip flops and sneakers that fit. Finding so many pairs that look great, fit me, and are in the $20-$30 price range is the small miracle I’ve been waiting for all my life. So while I felt guilty getting myself three pairs of shoes, there was no question about whether they were coming home with me.

All of these shoes are so versatile while still adding a little something extra to whatever outfit you’re wearing. They’re also neutral enough that you’re not limited in what you can pair them with. I’m excited to wear these to work, for busy days when we’re up and about, and everything in between. 

Black Loafers
My black Cole Haan flats have left the chat, so I was in need of some basic black shoes and these loafers fit the bill. I’ve tried wearing this style of shoe in the past, but their shape cut into the top of my foot rendering them unwearable after an hour or so. I was hesitant with this style, but they fit so well and don’t pinch at all. While I want to go back and find a basic pair of black ballet flats, this style of loafer was really calling out to me at the moment. I couldn't find these exact loafers online, but I did fine these, which are really similar and also from A New Day.

Remmy Backless Loafers 
I was initially thinking about purchasing another pair of Kona flats, but those weren’t available in-store--  while this pair was. I love the additional detail and the slightly raised heel of the Remmy backless loafers. Just like my Kona mules, these are so comfortable and you can tell the construction of the shoe is solid. 

Micah Pointy Toe Loafers
I absolutely LOVE the Micah style of loafers. The pointed toe is exactly the type of shoe that I’ve always admired but had never before been able to wear. I love that the leopard print trend is back, but because I tend to stick to a pretty dark and neutral palette, some of the pieces I’ve seen are a bit too loud for my taste. This leopard print shoe is perfect for adding some texture and pop of pattern to an outfit without overdoing it. It took everything I had to not take the plain black pair of Micah loafers too, and I’m sure they’ll eventually make it home with me. Taking four pairs of shoes home seemed like a bit much; there has to be a cutoff at some point!

It may sound a bit over the top to sing so many praises just for some shoes, but it’s always been really hard for me to feel happy with what I’ve worn on my feet. There have been so many instances where I’ve been so excited to put a nice outfit together and then be forced to totally kill it by wearing shoes that clash or just don’t do me any favors. As superficial as it sounds, I’ve always felt like I could never look as put together as the next person when footwear was so limited to me. I was left totally hopeless for years. Finally I can feel confident from head to toe, and it’s all thanks to my new favorite shoe brand.