moments: still lifes in autumn

November 11, 2021

I started this blog to have a space where I could share my photos, travels, and the slice of life I occasionally sprinkle in. I've had some preconceived notions that any photo I choose to share here must have a story or an explanation attached to it. The reality is, however, that I've been taking photographs and collecting cameras since I was a little girl. Today, I have a collection of 35mm film cameras that I keep in working order, as well as my DSLR and my iPhone (not as exciting, I know). I like to tell stories and share my words, but I love taking photos more than anything. My camera roll is bursting at the seams with photos that I can never bring myself to delete. So, I've decided to add Moments as a recurring series on my blog. It will feature my still lifes, with a few animals or people snuck in (my dogs follow my every move). Expect little to no explanation, sometimes I just like the way the light shines through a room or the way a fence leans or how a path curves. Sometimes I mean nothing through the photos I take, and sometimes I do. In any case, I hope you enjoy my Moments