weekend getaway: Atlanta photo diary

April 10, 2019
When Andrew texted me at work on Monday asking if I wanted to go to a Braves game on Saturday, there was no looking back. I’d actually been thinking about MLB games and how much fun I have despite not being the biggest sports fan. There was no doubt we were going. We started looking at Airbnbs as soon as we got home.

With hiccup after hiccup on Friday afternoon, we left a bit later than we’d anticipated, but had an all-over smooth drive into the city. Because we got in so late, we really didn’t do anything other than head straight for our Airbnb. We met our hosts— something I’ve never done before as we typically opt for entire spaces or private entry/private suites. When I read their Airbnb listing, though, I knew I had to meet them and their cats(!!) We’d barely gotten ourselves settled in before exhaustion took over and there was nothing to do but rest.

Saturday morning was off to a slow start, but I let myself get away with it. I suppose it’s that Atlanta is close enough to home that I don’t get that anxious “WE NEED TO DO EVERYTHING” feeling. Anything we don’t get to check off our list, we simply do the next time we’re in town. We got ready at a comfortable pace and headed out for brunch. 

We chose Adios Cafe for its menu that we could both appreciate. Upon getting there, we learned that it was so much more than what we expected. Not only was this a restaurant, but it was also attached to an entire store and Cantina! No Más has countless handcrafted items all made in Mexico. I got myself a few things including a new alebrije and a hand-stitched kangaroo and joey. 

We were craving some coffee and pastries afterward and Andrew, feeling ever-so-special after I’d complimented his cafe picking abilities herechose Amelie’s. I’ve had Amelie’s on my radar since the first time we visited Atlanta, so choosing this was perfect! The only thing more perfect? The location itself. Amelie’s is a French cafe that has not gone unnoticed. The decor feels like something out of an art museum, and their food &drink does not disappoint either. I label everything I enjoy as “the best,” but it applies here. I had a chai latte (again), a lemon and a honey macaron, Andrew had an eclair and French press coffee, and we split a fresh fruit tart. I can’t even tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite and sip. 

We hadn’t planned out our Saturday too strictly because we knew that we’d be heading to The Battery sometime in the middle, so when Andrew suggested we go to Ikea, I didn’t oppose. I feel like I’m the last person on the planet to visit an Ikea. I thought we’d just pop in, look around, and move on but instead, I got a whole new apartment. All of a sudden I had access to economical & attractive furniture that I can’t find locally. And after checking out and seeing how little we spent, it took all I had (and my foot pain) to not go back for the items I decided we’d get next time. I thought Andrew was joking when he said that we could spend all day there, but we were there for over 3 hours and it didn’t seem but a blip in my day.

With a little more time to kill until we headed to the ballpark, I visited a tried and true Goodwill location. Though I was rushing, I managed to find a few cute shirts and a cap for the game! 

We got to The Battery early as we’d intended, and this time we even got a parking pass. When we were here for opening day last year, we parked in Narnia compared to the much shorter walk this time. We did some pretty typical ballgame stuff; took pictures, drank beer, ate junk food. It was an all-around great time. Though the Braves lost, the game was great—  and we even made it onto the big screen during the seventh inning stretch! 

We got a more intentional start Sunday, knowing we had to head home that afternoon. We decided on Murphy’s for brunch. The wait wasn’t long at all, even though it was pretty busy. The food was phenomenal— which I have to give Andrew credit for again. He seems to hit home runs every time it’s up to him to pick places to eat/drink. I kept it pretty simple & sweet with French toast with strawberries and caramelized banana and a mimosa, while he got eggs the San Fransisco.

After brunch, we headed to Buckhead for some thrift shopping. I found this vintage Longchamp Roseau backpack for $25! It has a fair amount of wear, but I’m planning on taking it to a leather repair shop to see what they can do for it. I’ve been trying to cut back on buying bags, but when saw this large croc embossed tote in excellent condition, I couldn’t pass it up either. The bag selection was pretty slim, but I’m sure that’s thanks to a lot of “professional thrift shoppers” who buy to resell in the area. There was actually a lady with a shopping cart filled up so high with handbags, they were falling on the floor as she was walking around. I wish we would have gotten there just a few minutes earlier to have really been able to check it out. Still, I consider the trip a success with the bags, some housewares & a top. 

As the day was moving faster than we would have liked, we headed for our final stop— Second Self Brewing Co. We watched the tail end of the Braves game on their projector, which was a fitting end to our weekend trip. 

I’m so happy that I have someone that loves to travel and explore as much as I do. It really draws out our days, making a two-day trip feel so much longer. I got home and immediately started putting our new furniture and whatnots together. I’m loving everything I got, and I’m loving how much more spacious and put together our apartment feels! I’m counting down the days until we make another trip. We’re already looking at future dates to book some more Braves tickets!