tuesday template [august 21]

August 21, 2018
How is it almost September? It still feels like August 1st! It’s been a while since I dedicated the time to my Tuesday Template series, but it’s also only been recently that we’ve begun getting out of the apartment again. July was a crazy-busy month for us, and I’m so glad it’s over. A lot of our free time in August has been used to recuperate and just get in the relaxation we didn’t get last month. With that being said, I’ve been sure to take my camera with me now that we’ve been venturing out a little bit more!

Essie Gel Couture nail polish in Style Stunner here
We’ve been heading into Birmingham these past two weekends, and even though it’s close to home, it’s still a sweet treat for us. I hadn’t been to any thrift stores in the area at all, so I’ve been exploring those and I’ve found some pretty great stuff I’m excited to share with you guys in a future post. Besides thrifting, we’ve been getting back into Andrew’s brewery roots and have been frequenting our favorite spots.

My bag of the moment *swoons*


We've been frequenting Cahaba for their pinball machines lately

When we’re not out of town, I’ve been reading my way through the stack of books I picked up in Albuquerque. I’ve been pretty homesick lately, so reading anything that even remotely reminds me of home makes the heartache a little more bearable. Last week’s read was Frida Kahlo: An Open Life by Raquel Tibol. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and took it with me everywhere we went. It was a pretty dense read— very reminiscent of scholarly papers. This week I picked up Beverly Donofrio’s Looking for Mary: Or, the Blessed Mother and Me. I’m not Catholic, nor did I grow up Catholic (or religious, for that matter), but this book reads in such a way that that detail is moot. This book is making me feel so many things, and bringing up so many unrealized feelings and emotions. I don’t think it was an accident that I chose to pick up this book— or better— that this book came into my life when it did. 

And finally, something that I’m particularly proud of: last week marked the second week that we’ve been working out consistently. We’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times per week and also taking a day or two out of the gym to do some outdoor running. We’d been out of the gym for over a month and coming back was hard, but feels great. And now that we have two solid weeks under our belt (going on our third), it’s exciting to actually see and feel yourself making progress. Not only am I feeling great physically, but working out consistently has also silenced my harsh inner critic. I can’t be too hard on myself when I’m making consistent steps towards my goals.

I start my new job on Monday after the longest pre-employment period I’ve ever been through, and I’m so excited for it! What have you guys been up to recently? Is there anything you’re looking forward to? Let me know!

My favorite selfie of us to date <3