thrifted decor

August 13, 2018
While I do update my wardrobe often, decor is one of my favorite things to shop for. So much of my apartment is made up of thrifted, kitschy, perfect little items that make our space feel like home, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you guys. Maybe you'll get some ideas for yourselves!

The largest piece of secondhand furniture I’ve purchased to date is my desk chair. When I came across this chair back in March, I was dead-set on a very particular style that I wanted our apartment to have. I knew immediately that this chair wouldn’t fit my vision, but I also knew the chair had to be mine. In that moment I accepted that our apartment wasn’t going to be Pinterest perfect, but instead an eclectic mix that only we could call home. At a whopping $4.99, I still consider this one of my biggest wins.

Seeing wicker and woven accessories styled in some of my favorite bloggers’ homes really inspired me to stop overlooking the massive section just about every thrift store has dedicated to it. I’ve found everything from a makeshift magazine rack, to a place to hold all my polishes, to a compartmentalized organizer for our coffee table, and the list goes on. And because they’re all fairly similar, our apartment looks a little more pulled together!

I made this picnic basket my makeshift magazine rack while I find the perfect one!

I’m still pretty picky about what goes on our walls. I love a good minimalist wall, with only touches of color. I’m still on the lookout for things to fill the open spots with, but I have found a couple of keepers. If you guys know me irl, you’ll know I love all animals and critters— especially raccoons. The frame that was already fitted on this was also a perfect fit for the apartment. This little guy makes me smile every time I’m at my desk.

Finally, probably the easiest things to find at thrift stores: coffee mugs, kitschy figurines, and all of those misc. items that are sitting on the shelf, waiting for their new home. Small dishes are so easy to come by, and come in a variety of unique designs.

This little bird ensures we never misplace my headphones. I know we could have just assigned a place for them, but if I can make that place a little prettier, why not? After all, isn’t that the overarching point of decor?

These coasters are basically all of my favorite aesthetics combined

This Yellowstone souvenir makes the perfect home for my headscarves.

Probably the most cliched item on this list: metal trays for perfume and makeup. These keep my everyday makeup in check and my perfumes all in one place. It’s funny to think that this small boundary of a tray keeps me from making a mess, but it works.

I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into our "woodland creature meets wild west" space. I'm planning on another decor post-- one that isn't solely focused on thrifted items. Is there something particular you guys want to see? Let me know!