Tuesday Template [May 15]

May 16, 2018
Hi everyone! I’m introducing a new series to the blog that’s a sort of weekly roundup. I love writing about my days and the things that I find interesting or noteworthy. I decided to sum up my weeks in this series of posts called Tuesday Templates. They’ll be going up on Tuesdays (of course) and will be a place where I can be myself and tell you guys what I’ve been up to over the last seven days. So, let’s kick off Tuesday Template #1! (Which will technically get published on a Wednesday because of travel times.)

Mother's Day
Do you remember me talking about not dreading something in advance to keep from ruining the right now? Well, I couldn’t keep my own advice this week. The days leading up to Mother’s Day weekend were pretty stressful. I spent my two days off preemptively dreading the weekend ahead and completely killed any chance of having fun. Andrew’s birthday dinner was Wednesday night, and his birthday was on Thursday. We both worked that night-- so at least we were together-- but it still wasn’t the way we would have chosen to spend it. Mother’s Day came and went surprisingly smooth, which made me roll my eyes at myself because none of that stress was worth it. (Is it ever?)

It was a stressful week, but there were dogs involved, so I pulled through.
Road Trippers
Next came an even bigger matter: Our road trip that was to commence mere hours after my near 12 hour Mother’s Day shift. Was I packed? No. Luckily, I wrote out a detailed list days before, which made it a little easier. Packing in general is never fun for me. There’s just so much coordinating that goes in to it. 
“I can only pack this right now because I’m still gonna shower and wash my face right before we leave.” -me staring at my entire toiletry list 
Fun fact: I still managed to forget my toothbrush.

Soon after hitting the road, I decided to give a certain podcast a chance. I’d heard great things about My Favorite Murder for a long time, and I instantly knew why. Karen and Georgia are the best friends I wish I had. PLUS, it’s true crime. And if you know me even a little, you know that I’m a sucker for true crime.

And rounding out the first ever Tuesday Template, we get to today, Tuesday. We spent most of our day in Baltimore, specifically, the inner harbor. I won’t go into much detail here, because there will be dedicated posts coming soon for our east coast adventures, but here are some of today’s sights.

Tuesday Twinkle:

I met up with a friend for coffee after work Monday and found two gorgeous dogs roaming around the main drag in town on our way home. We were told nothing could be done until morning (we found them around 9pm), so Andrew and I agreed to take them in for the night. The owners were found and they went home early the next morning. They were the absolute sweetest dogs and we loved having them over for the night. Their staying with us was mutually beneficial. We’re huge animal lovers (I come from a huge dog family), but our apartment doesn’t really allow us the space for animals. Caring for them and knowing we kept them out of harm’s way was such a beautiful thing. More than a week has passed and Andrew still talks about missing those dogs on a daily basis.