updated morning routine

January 24, 2019
Mornings and I haven’t always had the best relationship. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve started putting more effort into my morning routine and paying attention to what really helps get me off to a great start. The AM has really improved over the last few months of trial and error. Read on to see what’s worked for me, and maybe pick up some tips and tricks of your own!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know that my boyfriend and I were servers (and for me, a retail worker as well) for a long time. Our routines were pretty unorthodox. We were getting home at or after midnight, falling asleep around 3am, and sleeping until noon. In mid 2018 we both made a change that landed us jobs where the working hours are much more traditional. We were both excited, but switching up most of my routines was more difficult than I could have imagined. 

I started trying out different things to see what would get me out of bed and out the door most energized. From trying morning showers (nope, I’ll stick to my nighttime showers, thanks) to actually eating breakfast, to having tea instead of coffee in the morning (also no), I tried everything under the sun. I’ve finally made some progress and I’m excited to share what’s worked for me.


I never was much of a breakfast person, especially when my mornings started so late in the day. It was naive to think that when my schedule changed, my old ways would continue working for me. In no time I was sluggish, cranky, and had an insatiable hunger. The morning coffee on an empty stomach was no longer an option. I decided to try out having a real breakfast every morning, despite my initial lack of appetite. I knew that hunger would inevitably kick in once I was out of the house and it was too late. I’ve learned that as much as I was used to reaching for certain foods in the morning, they don’t all work the same way an hour or so down the line. I’ve found the perfect balance of quick, satisfying, and wholesome meals that keep me full for hours on end.

My favorite weekday breakfasts are smoothies or oatmeal. Both take no time at all to prepare, especially once you know exactly what ingredients you’re using. I opt for smoothies most mornings because I can carry them from room to room with me as I get ready for the day. Both smoothies and oatmeal are really customizable-- you can toss in whatever you like and you’ll be good to go. 

My Morning Oatmeal Recipe: My favorite oatmeal recipe is super simple: a banana, walnuts, and water or milk. When it’s done, I have oatmeal that tastes exactly like banana bread. No need to sweeten. Oatmeal is also a great option because you can make a lot of it ahead of time to save you even more time in the morning.

Sometimes I've got some extra time on my hands and my smoothie becomes a smoothie bowl.

My Morning Smoothie Recipe: My favorite recipe always has a banana and frozen berries. I also add a serving of oats-- which helps keep me full for a long time-- some flax seed, frozen spinach (don’t worry, you can’t taste it over the fruits), and protein powder. I then mix one part milk or milk substitute and one part water. This is my everyday smoothie, but I do change up the ingredients from time to time. It’s not rare for me to add pineapple, greek yogurt in place of protein powder, or some avocado in it as well. It’s all about playing with ingredients to figure out what works for you.

What I use: I got a Nutribullet a couple of Christmases ago and use it almost daily. I also use most of the attachments that came with it like the handles, lids, and rims when I’m taking things on the go. I also picked up these wide mouth straws at Target and they make a big difference. Plus, they’re made of food-grade silicone which is really easy to clean.


I’ve been taking Olly vitamins for a couple of years now and I love them. The Perfect Women's Multi in berry is my all time favorite. They’re delicious, they don’t upset my stomach, and they even satisfy my sweet tooth. I’ve had their Sleep and Omega-3 vitamins as well, and while I like them, the women’s multi is the one that I keep repurchasing. In addition to that, I take my fish oil and CoQ10 every morning. I keep them all in this really cute Texas shaped basket on our kitchen counter so I never forget to take them. I rarely get seriously ill, and I like to think taking my vitamins regularly contributes to that. And, you know, not going outside with wet hair. (That was for you, mom.)

The Perfect Women's Multi

Do You

This next one took me the longest to figure out, but it’s what’s made the biggest difference. I’ve really gotten into YouTube over the last year and my favorite YouTubers never cease to put me in a great mood. In the morning even the slightest inconvenience can get blown out of proportion before I’m fully awake. When I started working a YouTube video or two into my morning routine, I noticed a drastic change. My mood is lifted and I get inspired for the day and its possibilities. It might sound funny that a YT video can do all that for me, but watching some of my favorite people do what they do makes me genuinely happy. I highly recommend you find something you love and work a little bit of it into your mornings. Maybe that’s flipping through a magazine, watching a 20 minute sitcom, blog surfing, or even lighting a candle. I’m still a night owl by nature and mornings will probably always be my least favorite time of the day, so I’m not going to deny myself doing whatever I can to spruce them up. 

Even in the middle of winter, I want to believe I'm in the desert.

And a coffee to go, please.

I’m still working on becoming more efficient in the AM, but I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made. Having a routine has made my mornings so much smoother and have me a little more organized when I walk out the door. I don’t wander around in the morning wondering what should come first. Thank you guys so much for sticking around and reading my little blog. It really does mean the world to me and I look forward to creating a lot more in 2019.