Day Tripping: Birmingham, AL

March 5, 2018
Day trips are one of my favorite ways to spend a day or two off. Andrew and I don't work a 9-to-5 yet, and our unorthodox hours and physically demanding job can get the best of us. We're usually too exhausted to take out the trash, let alone really get out. Lately though, we've been taking weekly day trips to Birmingham, which isn't a far drive, but definitely far enough to let us feel like we're getting away. 

Museums are my happy place, and I'm slowly converting Andrew. The Birmingham Museum of Art is a local favorite of mine. There's art from all over the world, and it's so easy to get lost in there for hours. Going through the different rooms and exhibitions lets you taste a little bit of everything. I don't think I have personal favorites, but I always gravitate and travel a little slower through what I call the "wild wild west" portions. They're nostalgic for this desert dreamer. While this museum (and parking!) is free, donations are always appreciated. 

I don't put much emphasis on the food we eat or the restaurants we find. That portion of our day trips and vacations are 100% left up to my boyfriend. As long as there's something on the menu I'll eat, I'm fine with it. But, once in a blue moon, we stumble across a place that we HAVE to visit again. That place is Todd English P.U.B. They have a beer selection that appeases Andrew, while also having killer soft pretzels and mac & cheese for me. On our most recent visit, we had creme brûlée, but we finished it before I even thought to take a photo.

These lofts get my vote based only on their marquee

Between the food and the art, driving or walking down streets I'm not familiar with and letting my boyfriend/ tour guide show me around is my favorite part. 

Breweries are always a fun time. I enjoy an occasional IPA, but I'm not a real beer drinker. I usually stick to wine, or my personal favorite-- water. Andrew on the other hand, tracks every beer he's had on Untappd. Our happy medium is finding places with both a great beer selection, and space to unwind without large and loud crowds. Good People Brewing Co. checks all those boxes.

What are you favorite day tripping destinations? Let me know!