The Perfect Lazy Day

July 10, 2017
My boyfriend and I are both servers, so lazy days are particularly coveted. After long hours of non-stop moving & multitasking, going to bed knowing we get to sleep in the next day feels pretty great. What's even more great is when we both (!!!) have the day off together. Because these days are a rare breed, I've compiled a little list of my favorite ways to get the most out of those lazy days, even if it's just one.


There's a reason romantic or relaxing scenes always have candlelight. A little flame swaying happily in the corner of the room really sets the mood-- whatever mood you're going for. Depending on the type of day, I'll opt for a graceful rose scent like this one for daytime, and then switch over to something with a little more musk-- think teakwood-- for evening time. With a candle lit, the in-bed versions of normal things become so much better.

LUSH Intergalactic Bath Bomb because glittery, navy blue bath water is the... bomb.

Though having the day off together is big part of the day, it's important to take some time and just do what you want to do. So for a couple of hours we'll take some time to do what resonates with our own selves. He'll hang out on the couch and watch his shows or play games, while I'll pamper myself, read whatever I'm currently reading, or even perch myself next to him on the couch and pull up Netflix on my laptop. This way we'll be doing what we want separately, but still together. 

One day I just really wanted to know what the deal was with a├žai bowls

Grocery shopping. Going to the bank. Renewing your driver license. Looking for weirdly specific things no one really needs, but one of us is reeeally curious about (that's how our love of kombucha was born)... I'm being serious, you guys. Lame, mundane tasks are somehow actually fun for us when we do it together. Maybe it's the getting to drive around town with no real pep in our step that lets us just enjoy it, or maybe two of the weirdest people on the planet found each other and like filling out deposit slips and scheduling bill pays together. I was going stir crazy one night when Andrew says, "Didn't you have fun today? We went grocery shopping. I thought it was really nice." I looked at him with WTF????? stamped across my face. It took me a little while to realize that what he meant wasn't literally, "looking at food with you was cool." It's the cruising the aisles, telling jokes, fake-arguing about what new candle we buy-- just good ole hanging out with your boyfriend/best friend. That's what was so fun. And he's absolutely right. 

No, mom, I wasn't on my phone at dinner. I was looking for a meme.

Finally, get the hell out! There really isn't anything lazy about leaving the apartment for dinner, but it feels damn good to be at a restaurant and not be the server. On date nights that are the product of a lazy day, I don't even bother with my makeup or dressing up. A low key dinner & drinks and you have that perfect aaahhh at the end of the day. 


Now you relaxed, you did you, and you got out for a little while. It's not about buying a new candle, it's about the excitement of knowing you have time to light it as soon as you get home.