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The Lazy Girl's Beauty Guide

Like most other girls at some point, I went through an obsession period with nail polish. I prided myself on having every conceivable shade and would routinely use multiple colors per hand/ foot. Yes, I even rainbow-polished my feet *cringe*. I was painting my nails bright blue one night, when my mom pointed out that my toes were still red. "So?" I asked.  "You want to make sure your hands and toes are always painted the same color. You'll look more put together that way," she elaborated. My response was something sarcastic and angsty because I was 16. I painted my nails blue and went on with my night. 
As I grew older, I became more aware of my appearance. The small details that once went unnoticed (except by my mother) became more apparent. I began using one shade of polish per manicure, I kept my nails neat and my hair brushed. And still, her comment persisted. "You'll look put together," I'd hear her saying as I painted my nails lazily, n…

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