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handbags of the moment

I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with my handbag obsession. I either switch bags frequently, or use the same one for a month straight (that’s a long time for me!). It’s hard for me to find the perfect bag that’s both stylish, functional, and sturdy enough to keep up with me. Lately, I seem to have struck a perfect chord and have been frequenting the same few bags that check all of my boxes.

BLACK BACKPACKS I’m sure you guys have seen my black Michael Kors backpack on quite a few occasions since finding it when I was in Denver last year. I never thought I’d find any other backpack I’d love as much as that one... Then I found this gem at a local thrift store (is anyone surprised?). It’s a simple black backpack but is SO roomy, is extremely organized, and it’s a great size. It looks small, but holds so much more than you think. I’ve used this bag to tote around everything my regular purse contains, plus my DSLR, a hardcover book, and a reusable bag and I still have room to spa…

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