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Cruelty Free: The Best of Both Worlds

Have a conversation with me for just a few minutes and my love of animals will become apparent. I grew up under the impression that to be a consumer of beauty products, animal testing was just a reality that you had to live with, one that was better left ignored for the sake of your conscious. Fast-forward and the year is 2017. More and more beauty companies are popping up, proudly proclaiming their cruelty-free paradigm. Established companies are advertising their newly minted cruelty-free products. This has been going on for a while now, and while I always thought the idea was neat, I never made much of an effort to shop exclusively cruelty-free beauty. Sure, if something I bought happened to be C.F., I felt good about myself, but those instances were happenstance. As of late, though, I've caught myself unconsciously favoring these products. The following are some of my current favorites that have managed to make their way to into my travel bags, AKA the stuff I can't live (…

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