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Tuesday Template [May 15]

Hi everyone! I’m introducing a new series to the blog that’s a sort of weekly roundup. I love writing about my days and the things that I find interesting or noteworthy. I decided to sum up my weeks in this series of posts called Tuesday Templates. They’ll be going up on Tuesdays (of course) and will be a place where I can be myself and tell you guys what I’ve been up to over the last seven days. So, let’s kick off Tuesday Template #1! (Which will technically get published on a Wednesday because of travel times.) Mother's Day Do you remember me talking about not dreading something in advance to keep from ruining the right now? Well, I couldn’t keep my own advice this week. The days leading up to Mother’s Day weekend were pretty stressful. I spent my two days off preemptively dreading the weekend ahead and completely killed any chance of having fun. Andrew’s birthday dinner was Wednesday night, and his birthday was on Thursday. We both worked that night-- so at least we were together…

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